Day 11

Today was an average day on the detox so far, I’m eating leftovers for lunch and trying to make impromptu dinners from what’s in the fridge.  It’s a little bit more difficult to eat on a whim, especially when all the protein I have is frozen.  I decided just to make something that I would normally put meat in just without the meat!  I made a bell pepper and onion fajita mix with the Southwestern Spice Blend that I found in the 21 Day Sugar Detox Cookbook (I borrowed and browsed from a friend).  This spice blend smelled a lot spicier than it was; it was supa good. It had chili powder, coriander, paprika among a few other spices.  Although I loved the veggies it would’ve been even better with some chicken or ground beef.  I ate it along side a small avocado, eating them together was a great combo!

fajita veggies

I finally had to face a social situation where I couldn’t participate in the festivities.  It’s always fun to talk and catch up with friends, laughter and conversation, but what would make it better?  Vodka. I had to forego a cocktail tonight and it was well worth it.  I can just tell that making good choices now is what is going to enhance my weight-loss and health benefits later.  I really love being half way done but I also really love having another half to go!

I will have more lengthy things to say tomorrow!

On to day 12.

– Megan

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