Day 13

You know when you taste something that a friend made and it’s amazing, “Oh my gosh, gimme that recipe, how’d you make this? I want to make this asap.” Well that doesn’t always work!!!! I got to try some of the Grain-Free Banola a friend made that is doing the 21DSD, she made it from the book.  Banola is a granola tasting mix that is made out of assorted nuts instead.  Jaime and I loved it and wanted to make a big batch.  Well this morning that task went south quickly.  I had enough nuts to make probably at least a triple batch, well I guess I underestimated because it did not turn out like Beth’s did.  It’s only semi-crunchy and not nearly as sweet as hers was.  The main reason is all my fault, which really really grinds my gears.  I should have just stuck with the recipe for the first time to see how it went, but NOOO I had to try and make it all at once.  It’s not terrible if you like nuts, but they didn’t get that really good roasted smell and crunch as they should.  Long story short, I don’t wanna talk about it and my work better enjoy this giant bowl of less than mediocre roasted nuts I’m bringing tomorrow.

ps. I’m bitter.

On a happier note I got to go to the Big Ten Basketball Championship game today!  It was Michigan State versus Michigan. It’s a huge rivalry game and the first time in the history of the Big Ten tourney that they’ve played each other in the final.  My team was victorious, MSU.  Go Green! I was happy, but my dad was wearing maize and blue.  My family is a house divided as some of my family went to both schools. It was super fun, BUT I wasn’t able to have a beer.  My dad was proud of my determination so it was nice to at least have support.  I can say that I’m very glad it’s only 21 days.  I have to think of the big picture and how short that really is, before I know it I’ll be able to partake in cocktails and beer.  That seems to be the theme of the weekend, avoid the alcohol.  It’s definitely easier to dismiss booze than food, so it wasn’t hard to say no, but I wanted to say yes for the fun it brings! Soon but just not yet!

This next week is the last full week of the detox! That’s pretty exciting.

On to day 14.

– Megan


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