I’m new to blogging but love to write like I talk, with intended wit and happened upon puns.  I’m working on it.  I want to do social media as a job and would love to make it a career some day.  It’s a market that will not fizzle just adapt to trends.  I would love to write about a lot of other things besides dieting, as that will never be my ideal lifestyle.  I’m looking forward to some cookies no doubt. I have opinions on a lot of things, but nothing too specific to post about yet.  If I could get assignments that would be great, oh wait, that would be a job, how apropos. I might sound like I try too hard and like I want to be trendy and hip and cool, well duh, who doesn’t? Whether it be in your circle of friends or family or co-workers, everyone wants to sit at the cool kids table, don’t lie.  I hope that I can entertain with my words, I did get a degree in talking.

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