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Day 21

I would like to thank the academy…

Hooray hooray!! I’ve made it, I’ve made it!! It’s here, it’s here!!

Today was a perfect last day of this trek through 21 days of meats and veggies and warm lemon water and nuts and avocados and well, you remember. Jaime and I actually splurged and got Which Wich.  They make lettucewiches, which, as you can deduct, is a lettuce wrap.  It was a great way to have a celebration while still staying detox friendly!  I got an italian grinder with a hot pepper mix.  Spicy and salty and crunchy, totally worth it.  As for dinner, my chef got to reading and made the mustard-glazed chicken thighs from the 21DSD book!  They were amazing!  I’m quite disappointed we didn’t use this glaze recipe earlier. It was just yellow mustard, sage, salt, and butter.  Seriously savory.  I will without a doubt continue to use that recipe!

So now that this 21 Day Sugar Detox is over, I’m a bit beside myself.  Tomorrow I have plans to go out and I’m torn as to how i should go about it.  I don’t want to feel crappy because I get carb happy.  But I need carbs like Charlie Sheen needs Twitter followers.  Tomorrow will definitely involve carbs, but I’m not sure to what extent quite yet!

I am going to do a wrap-up about the detox and my final thoughts tomorrow! But for now I will give you my feelings in .gif format!

Beginning:  I’m starting a diet, starting a diet. I’m gonna lose weight. oh ya ya.

First weigh-in:

…and toward the end.

But now as you can guess, this is how i feel…

That is all for now.  HAPPY DAY 21!!!!!!!!

On to post detox life.

– Megan

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