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Day 20

Mother of pearl, I am one measly work day away from being done!  I’m not sure how I’m going to handle that sort of freedom.  I need to be careful and not go over board so I don’t get sick.  Today was rough, eating out AGAIN.  We went to a seafood restaurant which sounds like it would be an easy enough trip.  Nah.  It’s not the multiple options of perfectly detox friendly options that were the problem.  It was things like this:



It was so hard to resist.  I wanted every single morsel of carbs in that loaf.  Every crunchy-cripspy yet soft bite of that bread. If a candle was named Carbs, it would smell like this flawless piece of baked good.  I think I honestly had a tear in my eye trying to make a detox decision while looking at a menu full of fried shrimp, fish and chips, calamari and so much more. I definitely made a good decision that was detox friendly to the fullest, it was filling, and totally yummy.  Just not the yum I really wanted.  I got a Cobb salad with shrimp.  It was mixed greens topped with egg, tomatoes, bacon, green onions, and, I swear, a whole avocado! I was quite excited about that.  The waitress suggested the garlic shrimp for the seasoning and she had them put extra roasted garlic on the salad! It really was a good replacement for dressing especially with the avocado. Take a looksy:



It was great and I shouldn’t complain, but with each bite I was just hoping it would turn into a popcorn shrimp dipped in tartar sauce…it did not.  One more day, one more detox friendly day!  I plan to keep low carb and semi-detox through Thursday but will definitely add in some cheese.  I say I’m going to stay low carb now, but the minute something arises I will not be obliged to stay in the lines.  I’m very torn what to do really. I will consider the consequences. Consequences being – eating sushi and loving every minute of it, then possibly bloating.  Not a big deal in my book of craving everything under the sun.  I’m basically talking myself into sushi. So thank you self thoughts.

ON TO DAY 21!!!!

– Megan

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Day 19

So the theme of the day is willpower.  Going out to eat on this detox, unless with a fellow detoxer, is just not worth it if you can help it! Seeing sweet BBQ boneless wings with french fries sitting inches away and the smell attacking me with out my consent, torturous. But good news,  did not cave. I may or may not have taken a sniff of diet coke, but that’s beside the point. I didn’t know I would miss diet coke this much.

The closer I am to the end, the closer I am to sneaking a bite or seven. I ended up getting the medium traditional wings at buffalo wild wings.  I looked up the ingredients in the sauce and there was some sugar but it was the second to last in a long line of other ingredients.  To be honest, I just didn’t know what else to do and it seemed low carb enough.  I know it wasn’t fried in detox friendly oil but it was the best option! So that’s all I’ve had today because I’m afraid of the carbs I already had.

Two more days with this anxiety and it can not come soon enough!!! Disclaimer: I would still recommend this to anyone wanting to make a change and a jump start in heath and weight loss.  I’m very proud that I have done this for the full time, almost flawlessly I might add.  So I still totally endorse this detox!

You should also know I had to watch my boyfriend eat a CHILI CHEESE TATER TOT TACO THINGY.  I have never been tested more than that moment.  I asked to smell it because I’m a weirdo and wanted the torture, apparently.  It had to be heaven on earth. But I DID NOT even try it. This close to the end isn’t worth the anger I would have with myself if I took even a taste of something.  I’m so so so soooo close to being home free.

I got dis.

On to day 20.

– Megan



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Day 18

Well today was pretty monotonous when it comes to the detox.  I ate leftover steak fajitas for lunch, I didn’t eat all the peppers because I’m kind of obsessing about not eating too many carbs.  Very ill advised, but I can’t help it.  This weeks weight loss was great but compared to last week it wasn’t ideal.  I lost another three and a half pounds, NOTHING to complain about, I know. The only thing that I keep thinking about is eating out.  I’m worried!! I keep thinking about going out and knowing that I will look and feel just like…

What do I order? How do I know there’s no added sugar? How do I eat and not worry about every bite?? I know I’m being crazy.  I’m so close to the end and I don’t want to mess up now!  I’m thinking fajitas without all the accessories should be okay.  The only thing that wouldn’t be detox friendly could be the oil it’s cooked in and if they add sugar to caramelize the onions.  I would need to ask about the sugar, and I HATE that!  Who wants to be THAT girl who asks about how the food is made??  I’m going to do it though, I want to do this all out! My second idea would be Buffalo Wild Wings nekkid tenders and salad.  I would dip them in hot sauce but again, I don’t know if there is added sugar.  This is so worrisome to me and quite frustrating.  My boyfriend is going to think I’m a crazy. Hell, I think I’m crazy!

I just got in to town to see him and I’m just going to snack on some banola because I don’t know what to eat.  I am just going to have to focus on having fun and not worry too much about eating.  Just get meat and veggies and call it a day. Rant over, decision made. Thanks for listening.

This will be my weekend, diet wise.

On to day 19!

– Megan

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Day 17

Holy crap. Only four, quatro, uno less than five, the fantastic four days left!!! This is how I feel, not too many quick movements, but close enough to get excited!

Tonight for dinner I had steak fajitas with peppers and onions, totally hit the spot.  But that sour cream was bullying me to take some, I have to shamefully say, I declined! You were worried, ya me too. Being this far into what seems like a giant commitment feels like quite the feat.  Every time someone says they can’t do it I want to shaken-baby-syndrome them and say YES YOU CAN.  If my french fry eating, cheese dip loving, diet coke drinking butt can do it, so can anyone.  21 Days out of a lifetime, pssh that’s nothing.

On a unrelated topic, I’m liking this whole blogging thing. Wouldn’t it be awesome to get paid to do this?  I love writing with a personal flair.  It’s nice to have something to look forward to, knowing there’s a place for my utterly charming and awe inspiring chains of thoughts that make the masses flock to me and praise my skills.  Oh a girl can dream!

I will admit to writer’s block, well not really writers block, but monotony in my food choices and just going to work everyday leaves me with fewer and fewer anecdotes. I try to talk about my past experiences and current thoughts, which at this point are in rotation.  I think about the food I’m going to eat after the detox (cookies), the food I have to continue to eat on the detox, the success of staying on the detox, and my boyfrannn.  This weekend will be my first weekend going out to eat as I’m going out of town to see my man. You’ll hear all about it, don’t worry.

It’s almost Friday!

On to day 18.

– Megan

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Day 16

I’ve been thinking a lot about post-detox eating.  As you can guess, cookies are on the menu, but besides the cravings I wonder how it will be.  I’ve been warned that eating carbs again will make me bloat like none other!  I’m not totally worried that it will be that bad, I assume it would be water weight.  After a few days of eating right but including carbs I could get back to where I’m losing again.  I’m actually interested to know how the first indulgence will go.  Will I think even my favorite cookies are too sweet?  Will I only want to eat one? (Doubtful) Will I not be able to eat as much carby food at first?  I am very excited for carbs but I need to tread lightly at first.  Then I can dive-in.

Don’t get me wrong though, I DO NOT plan on falling off the wagon completely.  I will have my treats and social non-dieting weekends, enjoy everything.  Then every other day of the week I will check my carbs, check my calories, and make sure that I’m still losing at a slow and steady pace.  I have a long way to go and I will get there.  The sugar detox is a nice booster and I will take a lot that I learned with me. But it’s not sustainable for a long period of time, at least for me.  I will try my best to eat low carb any day I’m not in a social situation or celebrating little wins. I really believe in the calories in versus calories out and that’s what I’m going to stick to!

On to day 17.

– Megan

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Day 15

Today’s recipe has been mentioned before!  Jaime gave me the recipe for cabbage and bacon with chicken.  You cook the bacon, add the chicken, throw in some onion and garlic, then a head of cabbage gets cooked down with that mixture!  It gets all gooey and carmelly and totally scrumptious.  Super easy to make. I actually thought it was really sweet!  Make it.



One benefit of this detox is that I am sleeping a lot deeper.  I rarely have super vivid dreams, but in the past two weeks I’ve been having them regularly.  Oddly enough they have been about the detox!  Last week I dreamt that I ate an Oreo but half way through chewing I just spit it out.  I was freaking out it had sugar in it! Literally this gif.

Last nights dream was that I drank a giant diet coke, huge no no! Then because of that I had a bite of popcorn, then another handful, then I ate ALL the popcorn.  I’ve told you I love my movie popcorn, I told you I have cravings!! But after I ate all that everyone was coming down on me about how I have to start over and I ruined it! It was so upsetting.  For half a second I thought I ruined all my progress!

If I haven’t already admitted enough, even my dreams are having cravings.  Also I hope you love .gifs as much as I do because I have found the mother load.

I am going to battle these cravings and hope I don’t wake up thinking: 

On to day 16.

– Megan

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Day 14

Guys, everyone loved the Banola!! Even me.  It dried more over night and got so much better!  It’s actually delicious and totally addicting.  I can’t get enough.  We had a St. Patricks Day salad bar with all green toppings to be detox friendly instead of boxes of green icing topped cookies and cakes! (Although that sounds like yes please).  We played Bingo and got to wear hats, it was a fun day!  I brought left over meatballs to put on my salad and my own balsamic vinaigrette from the book. It was yummy and I took a picture, duh!


Being a 2/3rds of the way through is very surreal.  It seems like just yesterday I was struggling to figure out what to write, oh wait, that was yesterday. But my very first blog post, my very first pictures, my very first pun attempt, my very first pun success, it all seems like the end was so far yet it’s so close!  I’m really excited for the next week; I’ll be glad it’s over, but also happy that I did something with this much determination for 21 days.  Everyone I tell about it thinks that I am crazy for doing it, they could never do it!  I tell them it’s not so hard, but they don’t think so.  One of my least favorite phrases is “on my weightloss journey,” but that’s the most concise way to describe it.  I’m going to hit my 50lbs loss mark from the beginning of my “weightloss journey” this week and I’ve never been happier with the control I have over my body.  I love my body in any shape or weight but it’s so so nice to know exactly what I need to do to lose weight.  I can have holidays and celebrations, but know exactly the types of foods I should eat to get back on track.  It’s a really great feeling.  I can control my cravings as long as I have a reward upon the horizon!

I have cookies on the horizon.

On day to 15.

– Megan

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Day 13

You know when you taste something that a friend made and it’s amazing, “Oh my gosh, gimme that recipe, how’d you make this? I want to make this asap.” Well that doesn’t always work!!!! I got to try some of the Grain-Free Banola a friend made that is doing the 21DSD, she made it from the book.  Banola is a granola tasting mix that is made out of assorted nuts instead.  Jaime and I loved it and wanted to make a big batch.  Well this morning that task went south quickly.  I had enough nuts to make probably at least a triple batch, well I guess I underestimated because it did not turn out like Beth’s did.  It’s only semi-crunchy and not nearly as sweet as hers was.  The main reason is all my fault, which really really grinds my gears.  I should have just stuck with the recipe for the first time to see how it went, but NOOO I had to try and make it all at once.  It’s not terrible if you like nuts, but they didn’t get that really good roasted smell and crunch as they should.  Long story short, I don’t wanna talk about it and my work better enjoy this giant bowl of less than mediocre roasted nuts I’m bringing tomorrow.

ps. I’m bitter.

On a happier note I got to go to the Big Ten Basketball Championship game today!  It was Michigan State versus Michigan. It’s a huge rivalry game and the first time in the history of the Big Ten tourney that they’ve played each other in the final.  My team was victorious, MSU.  Go Green! I was happy, but my dad was wearing maize and blue.  My family is a house divided as some of my family went to both schools. It was super fun, BUT I wasn’t able to have a beer.  My dad was proud of my determination so it was nice to at least have support.  I can say that I’m very glad it’s only 21 days.  I have to think of the big picture and how short that really is, before I know it I’ll be able to partake in cocktails and beer.  That seems to be the theme of the weekend, avoid the alcohol.  It’s definitely easier to dismiss booze than food, so it wasn’t hard to say no, but I wanted to say yes for the fun it brings! Soon but just not yet!

This next week is the last full week of the detox! That’s pretty exciting.

On to day 14.

– Megan


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Day 12

The further into the detox the easier it gets but at the same time harder.  I’m used to making the recipes, and I’m starting to find what I like to make and how to improvise. But the cravings haven’t really gone away, they’ve just gotten easier to ignore.  I have done my best to avoid any situation where I feel tempted but that is a lot harder that it seems.  There is food, sights, smells and sounds everywhere.  I went to the movies last night which is one of my favorite places, I love going to the movies.  As you can guess my next thought, POPCORN. I love movie theater popcorn with that amazingly bad-for-you butter. I worked at a movie theater for years, that’s how much I love going to the movies!  Anyway, smelling the fresh popped popcorn, seeing the golden shimmer of the butter on a passerby’s bucket, and then sitting in the theater and hearing the shake of a candy box.  Good gosh that was hard.  I could taste the Reese Pieces. But I had to remember that I brought a water.

I wasn’t hungry just jealous.

Tonight Jaime and I made the asian meatballs again which were just at delicious.  I forgot to mention last time that I made coleslaw with the Avo-Godess dressing from the 21DSD book!  It’s avocado, coconut milk, lime juice, and garlic, so simple yet so perfectly complimentary.  I served the meatballs on top of this,  a bite with both is a flavor combo you can’t help but want another bite of! Overall good detox day besides a headache early in the day that may or may not have been detox induced.  I hope everyone is having a fab weekend.

On to day 13.

– Megan

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Day 11

Today was an average day on the detox so far, I’m eating leftovers for lunch and trying to make impromptu dinners from what’s in the fridge.  It’s a little bit more difficult to eat on a whim, especially when all the protein I have is frozen.  I decided just to make something that I would normally put meat in just without the meat!  I made a bell pepper and onion fajita mix with the Southwestern Spice Blend that I found in the 21 Day Sugar Detox Cookbook (I borrowed and browsed from a friend).  This spice blend smelled a lot spicier than it was; it was supa good. It had chili powder, coriander, paprika among a few other spices.  Although I loved the veggies it would’ve been even better with some chicken or ground beef.  I ate it along side a small avocado, eating them together was a great combo!

fajita veggies

I finally had to face a social situation where I couldn’t participate in the festivities.  It’s always fun to talk and catch up with friends, laughter and conversation, but what would make it better?  Vodka. I had to forego a cocktail tonight and it was well worth it.  I can just tell that making good choices now is what is going to enhance my weight-loss and health benefits later.  I really love being half way done but I also really love having another half to go!

I will have more lengthy things to say tomorrow!

On to day 12.

– Megan

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