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Day 20

Mother of pearl, I am one measly work day away from being done!  I’m not sure how I’m going to handle that sort of freedom.  I need to be careful and not go over board so I don’t get sick.  Today was rough, eating out AGAIN.  We went to a seafood restaurant which sounds like it would be an easy enough trip.  Nah.  It’s not the multiple options of perfectly detox friendly options that were the problem.  It was things like this:



It was so hard to resist.  I wanted every single morsel of carbs in that loaf.  Every crunchy-cripspy yet soft bite of that bread. If a candle was named Carbs, it would smell like this flawless piece of baked good.  I think I honestly had a tear in my eye trying to make a detox decision while looking at a menu full of fried shrimp, fish and chips, calamari and so much more. I definitely made a good decision that was detox friendly to the fullest, it was filling, and totally yummy.  Just not the yum I really wanted.  I got a Cobb salad with shrimp.  It was mixed greens topped with egg, tomatoes, bacon, green onions, and, I swear, a whole avocado! I was quite excited about that.  The waitress suggested the garlic shrimp for the seasoning and she had them put extra roasted garlic on the salad! It really was a good replacement for dressing especially with the avocado. Take a looksy:



It was great and I shouldn’t complain, but with each bite I was just hoping it would turn into a popcorn shrimp dipped in tartar sauce…it did not.  One more day, one more detox friendly day!  I plan to keep low carb and semi-detox through Thursday but will definitely add in some cheese.  I say I’m going to stay low carb now, but the minute something arises I will not be obliged to stay in the lines.  I’m very torn what to do really. I will consider the consequences. Consequences being – eating sushi and loving every minute of it, then possibly bloating.  Not a big deal in my book of craving everything under the sun.  I’m basically talking myself into sushi. So thank you self thoughts.

ON TO DAY 21!!!!

– Megan

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Day 12

The further into the detox the easier it gets but at the same time harder.  I’m used to making the recipes, and I’m starting to find what I like to make and how to improvise. But the cravings haven’t really gone away, they’ve just gotten easier to ignore.  I have done my best to avoid any situation where I feel tempted but that is a lot harder that it seems.  There is food, sights, smells and sounds everywhere.  I went to the movies last night which is one of my favorite places, I love going to the movies.  As you can guess my next thought, POPCORN. I love movie theater popcorn with that amazingly bad-for-you butter. I worked at a movie theater for years, that’s how much I love going to the movies!  Anyway, smelling the fresh popped popcorn, seeing the golden shimmer of the butter on a passerby’s bucket, and then sitting in the theater and hearing the shake of a candy box.  Good gosh that was hard.  I could taste the Reese Pieces. But I had to remember that I brought a water.

I wasn’t hungry just jealous.

Tonight Jaime and I made the asian meatballs again which were just at delicious.  I forgot to mention last time that I made coleslaw with the Avo-Godess dressing from the 21DSD book!  It’s avocado, coconut milk, lime juice, and garlic, so simple yet so perfectly complimentary.  I served the meatballs on top of this,  a bite with both is a flavor combo you can’t help but want another bite of! Overall good detox day besides a headache early in the day that may or may not have been detox induced.  I hope everyone is having a fab weekend.

On to day 13.

– Megan

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Day 6

So today was a very uneventful day, as any decent Sunday should be.  I made the jalapeno bacon burgers from the 21DSD book sans jalapeno. We didn’t have any fresh jalapenos plus I knew my diners would not have liked them that spicy as the last thing I made was way too hot!  I used grass fed ground beef, no nitrate bacon, and the smoky spice blend; they were a bit overcooked for my taste but still scrumptious.  I put them next to a bed of mixed greens, from that health food store trip, with the balsamic vinaigrette and some left over avocado.  Who knew balsamic avocado would be so yummy?  Oh wait, I think Pinterest may have told me they were, but I’ll take it as a personal discovery!

Being about a week in to the 21 Day Sugar Detox I can say I am thoroughly excited.  So far it hasn’t been nearly as hard as I expected, I don’t have cravings to the point of breaking, I just think things sound good.  I think that’s a natural reaction to any Pizza Hut commercial. I don’t see this week being a problem as I am super stoked for Thursday, it’s weigh-in day.  I am in a friendly weight-loss competition and I am dying to know what 10 days in will look like on the scale!  I have very high hopes, but I don’t think it’s for nothing.  I can seriously tell it’s working, both based on how I feel, but also my current detox obsessiveness with checking the scale every couple days.  You can’t blame me!

This is going to be a great week, I can tell.

On to day 7. Woah.

– Megan

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Day 3

Tonights recipe was inspired by the buffalo shrimp lettuce cups that are in the 21DSD book!  Instead of buffalo sauce I used the smoky spice blend from the book, it was the perfect sweet and smoky flavor.  I also sauteed some onion and orange and yellow peppers, to mix in with the small pieces of savory shrimp.  The avocado slices we put on top of the shrimp were the perfect cooling effect along with the iceberg lettuce.  These are definitely on the top of the make-again list!

Smokey Shrimp

So I told you that I wanted to tell you about my other Earth Fare purchases. As promised, today’s rave review is hot dogs, yes, hot dogs, the processed of all processed foods.  I found The Great Organic Beef Hot Dog, it’s made by Applegate Organic and Natural Meats, the only ingredients are beef and various spices.  They were like naked-corndog delicious. I think they would make a great side to some over-medium eggs, most likely this Saturday’s breakfast!

I have to mention that today is the first day that I am possibly starting to feel some symptoms.  After dinner tonight I got a headache, but that could just be one of my normal occurrences. I will report about other ailments as they may or may not arise!

On to day 4.


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