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Day 20

Mother of pearl, I am one measly work day away from being done!  I’m not sure how I’m going to handle that sort of freedom.  I need to be careful and not go over board so I don’t get sick.  Today was rough, eating out AGAIN.  We went to a seafood restaurant which sounds like it would be an easy enough trip.  Nah.  It’s not the multiple options of perfectly detox friendly options that were the problem.  It was things like this:



It was so hard to resist.  I wanted every single morsel of carbs in that loaf.  Every crunchy-cripspy yet soft bite of that bread. If a candle was named Carbs, it would smell like this flawless piece of baked good.  I think I honestly had a tear in my eye trying to make a detox decision while looking at a menu full of fried shrimp, fish and chips, calamari and so much more. I definitely made a good decision that was detox friendly to the fullest, it was filling, and totally yummy.  Just not the yum I really wanted.  I got a Cobb salad with shrimp.  It was mixed greens topped with egg, tomatoes, bacon, green onions, and, I swear, a whole avocado! I was quite excited about that.  The waitress suggested the garlic shrimp for the seasoning and she had them put extra roasted garlic on the salad! It really was a good replacement for dressing especially with the avocado. Take a looksy:



It was great and I shouldn’t complain, but with each bite I was just hoping it would turn into a popcorn shrimp dipped in tartar sauce…it did not.  One more day, one more detox friendly day!  I plan to keep low carb and semi-detox through Thursday but will definitely add in some cheese.  I say I’m going to stay low carb now, but the minute something arises I will not be obliged to stay in the lines.  I’m very torn what to do really. I will consider the consequences. Consequences being – eating sushi and loving every minute of it, then possibly bloating.  Not a big deal in my book of craving everything under the sun.  I’m basically talking myself into sushi. So thank you self thoughts.

ON TO DAY 21!!!!

– Megan

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Day 15

Today’s recipe has been mentioned before!  Jaime gave me the recipe for cabbage and bacon with chicken.  You cook the bacon, add the chicken, throw in some onion and garlic, then a head of cabbage gets cooked down with that mixture!  It gets all gooey and carmelly and totally scrumptious.  Super easy to make. I actually thought it was really sweet!  Make it.



One benefit of this detox is that I am sleeping a lot deeper.  I rarely have super vivid dreams, but in the past two weeks I’ve been having them regularly.  Oddly enough they have been about the detox!  Last week I dreamt that I ate an Oreo but half way through chewing I just spit it out.  I was freaking out it had sugar in it! Literally this gif.

Last nights dream was that I drank a giant diet coke, huge no no! Then because of that I had a bite of popcorn, then another handful, then I ate ALL the popcorn.  I’ve told you I love my movie popcorn, I told you I have cravings!! But after I ate all that everyone was coming down on me about how I have to start over and I ruined it! It was so upsetting.  For half a second I thought I ruined all my progress!

If I haven’t already admitted enough, even my dreams are having cravings.  Also I hope you love .gifs as much as I do because I have found the mother load.

I am going to battle these cravings and hope I don’t wake up thinking: 

On to day 16.

– Megan

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Day 1

Have you ever NOT eaten a piece of bacon right off the paper towel, still a bit chewy, heading to crispy town? Yea, no me either. I have to admit that I am taking full advantage of the bacon-abilty of this detox.  I know it’s only day one, but I just can’t help but revel in the hipster friendly lo-carb deliciousness.

Bacon dreams aside, day one went really well, not to my surprise.  The first day of any diet we all pull out those lunch boxes excited and sure that this won’t be so bad, bacon and eggs for lunch, what’s better than that? (hint: the answer is cookies).  So we will see how I feel next week about bacon and eggs. For dinner I had greek chicken lettuce wraps with diced cucumber on top.  It wasn’t from the 21DSD book, but was a recipe we normally put in pitas, so I picked lettuce cups instead. It looks just as tasty as it is!

Greek Chicken Lettuce Wraps

I am prepared for tomorrow though, better than today, I made a salad! This is when my sticky fingers couldn’t stop tasting my baked goodness.  I baked a package of bacon (no nitrates added) to make bacon bits for my lunch tomorrow and chopped some cucumber.  I’ll make some better topped salads as soon as I actually do some shopping.  Now, I know you are so very curious about what I am putting on top of said salad.  I actually made the balsamic vinaigrette that is in the 21DSD book. I will have to let you know how it is on salad, but the taste test sure was on point! 

On another note, I feel the same as I do every other day, so I’ll be interested to feel these detox woes they warn of!

On to day 2.


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