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Day 19

So the theme of the day is willpower.  Going out to eat on this detox, unless with a fellow detoxer, is just not worth it if you can help it! Seeing sweet BBQ boneless wings with french fries sitting inches away and the smell attacking me with out my consent, torturous. But good news,  did not cave. I may or may not have taken a sniff of diet coke, but that’s beside the point. I didn’t know I would miss diet coke this much.

The closer I am to the end, the closer I am to sneaking a bite or seven. I ended up getting the medium traditional wings at buffalo wild wings.  I looked up the ingredients in the sauce and there was some sugar but it was the second to last in a long line of other ingredients.  To be honest, I just didn’t know what else to do and it seemed low carb enough.  I know it wasn’t fried in detox friendly oil but it was the best option! So that’s all I’ve had today because I’m afraid of the carbs I already had.

Two more days with this anxiety and it can not come soon enough!!! Disclaimer: I would still recommend this to anyone wanting to make a change and a jump start in heath and weight loss.  I’m very proud that I have done this for the full time, almost flawlessly I might add.  So I still totally endorse this detox!

You should also know I had to watch my boyfriend eat a CHILI CHEESE TATER TOT TACO THINGY.  I have never been tested more than that moment.  I asked to smell it because I’m a weirdo and wanted the torture, apparently.  It had to be heaven on earth. But I DID NOT even try it. This close to the end isn’t worth the anger I would have with myself if I took even a taste of something.  I’m so so so soooo close to being home free.

I got dis.

On to day 20.

– Megan



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Day 17

Holy crap. Only four, quatro, uno less than five, the fantastic four days left!!! This is how I feel, not too many quick movements, but close enough to get excited!

Tonight for dinner I had steak fajitas with peppers and onions, totally hit the spot.  But that sour cream was bullying me to take some, I have to shamefully say, I declined! You were worried, ya me too. Being this far into what seems like a giant commitment feels like quite the feat.  Every time someone says they can’t do it I want to shaken-baby-syndrome them and say YES YOU CAN.  If my french fry eating, cheese dip loving, diet coke drinking butt can do it, so can anyone.  21 Days out of a lifetime, pssh that’s nothing.

On a unrelated topic, I’m liking this whole blogging thing. Wouldn’t it be awesome to get paid to do this?  I love writing with a personal flair.  It’s nice to have something to look forward to, knowing there’s a place for my utterly charming and awe inspiring chains of thoughts that make the masses flock to me and praise my skills.  Oh a girl can dream!

I will admit to writer’s block, well not really writers block, but monotony in my food choices and just going to work everyday leaves me with fewer and fewer anecdotes. I try to talk about my past experiences and current thoughts, which at this point are in rotation.  I think about the food I’m going to eat after the detox (cookies), the food I have to continue to eat on the detox, the success of staying on the detox, and my boyfrannn.  This weekend will be my first weekend going out to eat as I’m going out of town to see my man. You’ll hear all about it, don’t worry.

It’s almost Friday!

On to day 18.

– Megan

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Day 15

Today’s recipe has been mentioned before!  Jaime gave me the recipe for cabbage and bacon with chicken.  You cook the bacon, add the chicken, throw in some onion and garlic, then a head of cabbage gets cooked down with that mixture!  It gets all gooey and carmelly and totally scrumptious.  Super easy to make. I actually thought it was really sweet!  Make it.



One benefit of this detox is that I am sleeping a lot deeper.  I rarely have super vivid dreams, but in the past two weeks I’ve been having them regularly.  Oddly enough they have been about the detox!  Last week I dreamt that I ate an Oreo but half way through chewing I just spit it out.  I was freaking out it had sugar in it! Literally this gif.

Last nights dream was that I drank a giant diet coke, huge no no! Then because of that I had a bite of popcorn, then another handful, then I ate ALL the popcorn.  I’ve told you I love my movie popcorn, I told you I have cravings!! But after I ate all that everyone was coming down on me about how I have to start over and I ruined it! It was so upsetting.  For half a second I thought I ruined all my progress!

If I haven’t already admitted enough, even my dreams are having cravings.  Also I hope you love .gifs as much as I do because I have found the mother load.

I am going to battle these cravings and hope I don’t wake up thinking: 

On to day 16.

– Megan

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Day 9

Happy hump day! I am very anxious for tomorrow’s weigh-in and to find out what the scale says after 10 days on the detox! As for today’s excitement, it was all about gadgets.  Shelley Myers from Simplee Wellness is running a program at my work for the detox and teaching us about all things sugarless and healthy!  She has definitely inspired this blog, if it weren’t for her enthusiasm about the pitching the detox I’m not sure I wold be as gung-ho about it!  Thanks Shelley!  Go look at her site and see what she’s all about.

Anywhoo, today she brought in both her juicer and her ninja blender. She told us all about the benefits of juicing versus blending.  In the juicing process you lose the fiber but keep the good stuff, blending is going to be naturally more chunky.  I think it’s all a preference!  We made two different interesting beverages as you’ll see in my neat photo collage below! The orange one is carrot, celery, cucumber, ginger, lemon, and cayenne pepper, eeek.  This one was made solely in the juicer.  It was very reminiscent of a bloody mary without the tomato.  It wasn’t as bad as I expected to be honest.  I liked the cayenne but a few people thought it was overwhelming.  I’d sip on that with some vodka on a Sunday morning!

Now the green one was quite the hodgepodge of detox friendly-ish ingredients. Chia and flax seeds, spinach, mint, banana, almond milk, nut butter, lemon juice, cinnamon, apple ginger juice from the juicer, and a splash of apple cider for *gasp* sweetness. A group of us all shared this so it was perfectly refreshing in a small dose, but I think it would be a questionable blend if you were to make and drink an entire glass by yourself.  Nonetheless, I liked this one a lot more than I like the first one! I actually like the chunks as long as you know what they are. I don’t know that I would spend the money on a juicer right now but when I’m old and rich and have lots of storage I think I would definitely invest in one! As for that blender she has, cool beans yo.  We have a ninja food processor thingamajig, but that blender was pretty sweet! I digress about gadgets.


Side note, I had a left over bacon burger for dinner and put a dippy egg right on top with avocado. It was delicious but I sure had wandering eyes for my parents alfredo chicken flatbread pizzas! And then subsequent dessert pizzas!! But if you ask me, cravings, no cravings, just intense wants, wishes, desires, and hankerings. I’m really working on killing those cravings, which would be a lot easier if they’d stop showing those floating Three Musketeers ads or take down the Taco Bell breakfast-coming-soon billboards.  I have come to the conclusion that I know I’m never going to stop wanting these types of foods, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have the will power to make it 3 weeks without them.  It’s only when you can’t have things that you actually want them.  I couldn’t tell you the last time I had a Three Musketeer yet I’m having dreams about them. What is that about?? I will get past this, I like thinking about the celebratory sugary carby cheesy foods I will have after this is over, but know that I will go back to eating healthy the best I can.  It’s a long trek that I can’t do without the occasional gordita or chicken nugs. My favorite advice that Diane gave during her Skype session was not to bring the cravings into the house.  It’s easier to buy healthy at the grocery store than to order broccoli over french fries, at least for me.

I’m rambling.

On to day 10.


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