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Day 14

Guys, everyone loved the Banola!! Even me.  It dried more over night and got so much better!  It’s actually delicious and totally addicting.  I can’t get enough.  We had a St. Patricks Day salad bar with all green toppings to be detox friendly instead of boxes of green icing topped cookies and cakes! (Although that sounds like yes please).  We played Bingo and got to wear hats, it was a fun day!  I brought left over meatballs to put on my salad and my own balsamic vinaigrette from the book. It was yummy and I took a picture, duh!


Being a 2/3rds of the way through is very surreal.  It seems like just yesterday I was struggling to figure out what to write, oh wait, that was yesterday. But my very first blog post, my very first pictures, my very first pun attempt, my very first pun success, it all seems like the end was so far yet it’s so close!  I’m really excited for the next week; I’ll be glad it’s over, but also happy that I did something with this much determination for 21 days.  Everyone I tell about it thinks that I am crazy for doing it, they could never do it!  I tell them it’s not so hard, but they don’t think so.  One of my least favorite phrases is “on my weightloss journey,” but that’s the most concise way to describe it.  I’m going to hit my 50lbs loss mark from the beginning of my “weightloss journey” this week and I’ve never been happier with the control I have over my body.  I love my body in any shape or weight but it’s so so nice to know exactly what I need to do to lose weight.  I can have holidays and celebrations, but know exactly the types of foods I should eat to get back on track.  It’s a really great feeling.  I can control my cravings as long as I have a reward upon the horizon!

I have cookies on the horizon.

On day to 15.

– Megan

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