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Day 19

So the theme of the day is willpower.  Going out to eat on this detox, unless with a fellow detoxer, is just not worth it if you can help it! Seeing sweet BBQ boneless wings with french fries sitting inches away and the smell attacking me with out my consent, torturous. But good news,  did not cave. I may or may not have taken a sniff of diet coke, but that’s beside the point. I didn’t know I would miss diet coke this much.

The closer I am to the end, the closer I am to sneaking a bite or seven. I ended up getting the medium traditional wings at buffalo wild wings.  I looked up the ingredients in the sauce and there was some sugar but it was the second to last in a long line of other ingredients.  To be honest, I just didn’t know what else to do and it seemed low carb enough.  I know it wasn’t fried in detox friendly oil but it was the best option! So that’s all I’ve had today because I’m afraid of the carbs I already had.

Two more days with this anxiety and it can not come soon enough!!! Disclaimer: I would still recommend this to anyone wanting to make a change and a jump start in heath and weight loss.  I’m very proud that I have done this for the full time, almost flawlessly I might add.  So I still totally endorse this detox!

You should also know I had to watch my boyfriend eat a CHILI CHEESE TATER TOT TACO THINGY.  I have never been tested more than that moment.  I asked to smell it because I’m a weirdo and wanted the torture, apparently.  It had to be heaven on earth. But I DID NOT even try it. This close to the end isn’t worth the anger I would have with myself if I took even a taste of something.  I’m so so so soooo close to being home free.

I got dis.

On to day 20.

– Megan



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Day 18

Well today was pretty monotonous when it comes to the detox.  I ate leftover steak fajitas for lunch, I didn’t eat all the peppers because I’m kind of obsessing about not eating too many carbs.  Very ill advised, but I can’t help it.  This weeks weight loss was great but compared to last week it wasn’t ideal.  I lost another three and a half pounds, NOTHING to complain about, I know. The only thing that I keep thinking about is eating out.  I’m worried!! I keep thinking about going out and knowing that I will look and feel just like…

What do I order? How do I know there’s no added sugar? How do I eat and not worry about every bite?? I know I’m being crazy.  I’m so close to the end and I don’t want to mess up now!  I’m thinking fajitas without all the accessories should be okay.  The only thing that wouldn’t be detox friendly could be the oil it’s cooked in and if they add sugar to caramelize the onions.  I would need to ask about the sugar, and I HATE that!  Who wants to be THAT girl who asks about how the food is made??  I’m going to do it though, I want to do this all out! My second idea would be Buffalo Wild Wings nekkid tenders and salad.  I would dip them in hot sauce but again, I don’t know if there is added sugar.  This is so worrisome to me and quite frustrating.  My boyfriend is going to think I’m a crazy. Hell, I think I’m crazy!

I just got in to town to see him and I’m just going to snack on some banola because I don’t know what to eat.  I am just going to have to focus on having fun and not worry too much about eating.  Just get meat and veggies and call it a day. Rant over, decision made. Thanks for listening.

This will be my weekend, diet wise.

On to day 19!

– Megan

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Day 8

Today was detox pitch-in day! There weren’t too many cooking participants but plenty of eaters.  My curried beef and baby lettuce cups went off without a hitch or any left overs! I love when people eat my food.  I took a picture of mine again, even though you’ve already seen the curry, you have not seen the adorable lettuce!

curry beef and lettuce cups

There were a couple other dishes that I MUST mention.  Jaime made fried cabbage with chicken, bacon, and onions.  It was sooooo good, I can’t wait to make it at home.  The bacon flavor on the cooked cabbage was so yum and the addition of chicken made it even better.  Next, our coworker Pamela made what she called, “Philly Beef” if I remember correctly.  It was geniusly simple and on point for any wing cravings you may have.  It’s easier than wings and just as spicy. It was ground beef, mushrooms, and onion in a crock-pot with hot sauce. That’s it!  I think the fat from the beef mixing with the hot sauce made it taste like wing sauce, finger lickin’ good, but on lettuce wraps if you’d like! I could not get enough. Also something I can’t wait to make at home. It was a filling food day to say the least.  It’s nice trying new things when I don’t have to make the whole recipe!

Ooo, one more addition to my pantry that I bought yesterday, pistachios!  I think they are going to be the bottom line savior to curb my savory food cravings.  In the shell, out of the shell, your preference.  I love them in the shell because I like the saltiness on the outside and the time it takes to eat them feels more satisfying.  That’s all mental but as they say, “to eat their own” right?

I like puns.

On to day 9.

– Megan

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